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Working through some of the countries largest and trusted supply chains, DCT are able to offer ICT equipment at extremely competitive rates without impacting on product availability. The cost savings are noticeable and considerable allowing us to be successful in a market space that was previously restricted to the highly accredited manufacturer partners only.

Our understanding of the issues surrounding financial and economic pressures enables DCT to ensure our client’s best interests are served whilst minimizing the need for compromise. We take pride in being customer-led rather than allowing hardware vendors to dictate client’s procurement needs. Unlike other partners we are able to operate in both the New and Used hardware markets with equal distinction, affording our client’s more options in price and availability of equipment.
How is this achieved?
As part of a consortium, DCT supply a number of product sets, such as a variety of networking products, storage and associated IT components including desktop items and IP phones. It is through this consortium approach that DCT are able to explore the market extensively therefore ensuring the best interest of our clients where pricing and availability is concerned.
Manufacturer Compliance
To ensure manufacturer support, all equipment is checked and logged by serial number, guaranteeing full visibility and tracking of every part. As a result of these procedures our clients are assured that the equipment is compliant and if required comes with manufacturer warranty or support. This therefore ensures that our clients can always gain the full benefit of manufacturer support services, such as technical access and software updates.
Customer Commitment
  • Highly competitive pricing
  • Independent sources ensuring the fluidity of supply even at times of limited product availability
  • Simple supply management including monitoring and tracking of all serial numbers and maintenance contracts
  • Product specific technical expertise and telephone support
  • Dedicated Account Management
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