Core Technologies
Support & Maintenance  
Support & Maintenance Services for ICT Data networks, ranging from the server and desktop estate through to the network  
  • Bespoke solutions to meet the demands of the business and technology in place
  • Guaranteed Cost Reductions
  • True Value Added – as dictated by customers so you get what you really need
  • Backed up with the highest levels of industry accreditations
  • Retention rates in excess of 90%
  • Flexible Pro-Active and fluid service contracts with ´priority call rating´
  • Guaranteed fix times – rather than response times
  • Performance penalties written into a clear and concise service level agreement
  • Technical telephone assistance on ICT related issues
  • Remote troubleshooting
  • Software support
  • Contract additions and deletions with prorated cost reconciliation
  • Partner portal (on line access to contract details, live and historical fault tickets)
  • Network audits and serial number collection on network devices
Pro-Active Monitoring & Management Solutions
  • Remote Monitoring and Management, including alerting and reporting
  • Monitoring, Joint Provisioned Management and Visibility by all parties
  • Combination of Remote and Joint Services focusing at application, system and process
  • Monitoring and Reporting
Along with:
  • Live and Historical Performance Reporting
  • Configuration and Change Control Management
  • Server and Critical Device Monitoring
  • Access to Customer's Contract Details and other Critical Asset Information
Additional optional services include:
  • Configuration back up service
  • Restoration of configurations
  • High level Management reports
  • Desktop & server support and monitoring
  • Project services & technical resource allocation
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