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Equipment commissioning

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Equipment commissioning

Equipment commissioning

The key to the correct and reliable operation of the equipment during its entire service life is its high-quality commissioning and start-up by qualified specialists.

Commissioning is a key factor in the operation of the equipment, since at this stage specialists determine the special operating conditions for specific load requirements. The warranty applies only to equipment that has been adjusted and started up by certified engineers, unless otherwise specified by the manufacturer.


Maintenance is aimed at preventing and preventing equipment failures, as well as ensuring the minimum recovery time for equipment in case of failure.

Our specialists are ready to provide maintenance services at a convenient time for you in order to minimize any inconvenience associated with equipment failure.

Competent and timely maintenance, together with routine replacements, can significantly increase the service life of the equipment and reduce its own risks.

Equipment diagnostics and repair

Periodic diagnostics of the condition of the equipment allows you to timely identify and eliminate problem units or shortcomings in operation. Diagnostics is a prerequisite prior to any equipment repair.

Our specialists diagnose failures that occur in the operation of the serviced equipment. Based on the results of the diagnostics, a corresponding technical report is issued, which includes a list of faulty components, and the scope of work to eliminate this malfunction.

SLA contracts

We offer one-year Technical Support Contracts with a guaranteed level of service.


Regular preventive

Diagnostics with guaranteed
on-site visit

24/7 telephone support

Reserve of components in the warehouse


All the advantages of the Basic package plus:

The cost of repair work


All the advantages of the Optimal package plus:

Spare parts, tools and accessories.

Equipment modernization

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Modernization of equipment is carried out when the repair of old equipment is either impossible (for example, due to lack of spare parts), or economically impractical. Usually it is carried out in a very short time, sometimes the activities of the facility may not be interrupted. This means that the work is preceded by a very serious preparation. We offer upgrades only after a detailed survey.

Component repair

When construction of the Data Center is complete, Data Center Design, Inc. then offers a preventive maintenance service agreement to ensure reliable operation of the critical systems we provided and installed. Since we designed and built your facility, we have a thorough understanding of these systems; therefore, our management and field technicians are in the best position to provide unparalleled service.
A comprehensive service plan is specifically designed to provide preventive maintenance, reliable 7 X 24 emergency service and corrective service for the Data Center. DCT will manage the plan through our selected service affiliates and will contract directly with each supplier of the described services. A DCT Service Coordinator will be responsible for:

Developing an annual preventive maintenance schedule suited to the site’s needs
Coordinating and tracking preventive maintenance visits
Inspecting the site
Reviewing invoices for additional services
Reviewing all service reports
Resolving service issues

Technology Support
Active Switches
Passive components
Servers and Storages

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