Precision Air Conditioners

Precision Air Conditioners

Precision (from the English "precision" - exact) air conditioner maintains the required air parameters in terms of temperature, humidity and air mobility in rooms where ultra-precise temperature indicators are needed. The principle of operation depends on the area and characteristics of production.

To increase the efficiency of the cooling system, a free cooling system is used, with the intake of cold ambient air, which reduces the load on the compressor and increases the service life.

We offer the best air conditioning solution for high-tech premises, such as: server rooms, data centers, pharmaceutical laboratories, telephone exchanges, museums, libraries, clean rooms, etc.

Multi-zone systems

Multi-zone air conditioning systems, VRV systems, VRF are one of the options for providing refrigeration to different rooms in the same building. Several indoor units are connected to one outdoor unit. The capacity of indoor units varies depending on the needs and their type: cassette, duct, ceiling, wall. Each room receives an individual microclimate control system. The whole system can be controlled centrally from one single control panel or personally by the control panel in the room where the indoor unit is installed.

Air ventilation systems

There are several types of room ventilation: natural and mechanical. Natural ventilation is provided due to the difference in pressure outside and inside the room, when polluted air is replaced by fresh air thanks to natural sources of ventilation - windows, doors, ventilation ducts, etc

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